Saturday, November 5, 2011

Grocery Challenge Update - Week 3

My goal of not spending more than $40 a week on groceries has been going somewhat well.  The somewhat has to do with this past week.  I did great at the store itself, but on Monday I realized I didn't have any candy for potential trick-or-treaters.  While I never get trick-or-treaters, I know I'll feel bad if someone does come by (and there are several kids in my building, so it's a possibility.)  What a mistake!  I ended up going when I was starving and that ... is never a good idea.  I spent as much on that trip as I did on the stock-up trip and for half as much food.  The deli counter and prepared foods are the enemy of any budget, I think.

I've also ordered out a couple time, which has been my own fault, and I will be reaping the consequences.  I'm sticking to Aldi this week and only getting what I absolutely positively NEED as I do not intend to transfer money out of my savings just to cover my poor habits.  I plan on spending less than $16 this week and hopefully that will tide me over (except for milk and a few veggies) until payday, which occurs mid-month.

All in all, I'm finding it easy to spend less than $40.  In fact, I have usually spent less than $35 on groceries (including papergoods) for me.  Whether or not it's feasible on a long-term, however, is the question.  And honestly, I'm not entirely sure.  To do it, I'll have to continue to coupon clip (which is fine!) and comparison shopping.  The big hurdle will be the mid-week trips which, if I'm serious about this, I need to cut out entirely unless it's an emergency.  Oh, and not go when I'm hungry.