Monday, April 27, 2009

A Sprout!

My plants have (mostly) been moved outside. I've added six (now five due to my stupidity) lettuce plants to the bounty on my porch. I've been watering twice daily since I woke up on Saturday morning and found my cucumber and two bean plants wilty. Water brought them back, so I've been trying to keep up, especially with the horrendously hot weather we've been having.

In doing my evening checks (I also seem to be getting up earlier and earlier so I can get the watering in before I go off to work and after I feed the fish and the buns), I discovered something that had me racing for the camera.

It's cilantro sprouts! There are several of them, which might mean I have to find some more containers eventually, but I am ecstatic! Not only do the bunnies adore it, but I do too so the more the merrier, in my opinion. I have this vision of looking up at my condo from the ground and seeing cilantro plants in every window. It'll be cheaper than buying it at the store for .99 a bunch at least (and it won't travel all the way from wherever!)

The cilantro I planted outside isn't sprouting yet, which worries me a bit since they were planted at the same time. I'll give them a few more days though. My carrots and onions are also not sprouting. Packet says 10-21 days for them (10-14 and 14-21), so I'm still hopeful. The tomato plant continues to get blossoms, though the rosemary isn't doing as well as I would like, nor is the sage. The oregano is off like gangbusters as is the parsley.

In other garden-related news, I've started a worm bin and the red wigglers (Eisenia Foetida) are enroute. Wish me luck!


  1. So nice to meet you! Looks like you're seedlings are doing wonderfully. Mine started out good put look like some are wilting :( I'll have to wait it out and see. I don't understand it as I've been babying them. I just saw a post about cilantro; can't for the life of me remember which blog. If I remember I'll leave you another comment...

  2. Thanks so much, Sue! I hope your seedlings come around!