Monday, May 18, 2009

A Journey of Self-discovery

Over the past year or so, I've been on a journey of self-discovery, though it was entirely unintentional. One discovery led to anothere, which led to another, and so on and so forth. I find it rather heartening to look back and see how far I've come, especially as this time last year, I was a good bit unhappier and less satisfied than I am now.

I've learned that I can lose weight (despite the fact that I've been maintaining the last six months or so). I am going to refocus this summer, when I can concentrate on it and hopefully have another successful summer in the weight loss department. From my desire to eat healthier ...

I've learned that I can cook! I knew this, sort of, but I've become a much more confident cook. I attribute a lot of this to various food blogs (Green Lite Bites, for one), but also to Cooking Light. Both have fabulous recipes and scrumptious pictures that make me want to try! The interest in making food led to a curiosity of what else I could make and...

I've learned how to sew! With the gift of a sewing machine from my mom for Christmas, I discovered that I can actually make things - gifts, things around the house, etc. The idea of not having to go out and buy a new comforter was freeing (if a bit daunting!) I plan on my next Christmas to be much more a homemade holiday than any previously, because who doesn't like to get gifts that are handmade? From learning how to do things by hand, I wondered what else I can do around the house and ...

I've planted an organic garden. My cucumbers are forming, I've eaten a green bean (yes, A - it was good!), have several tomatoes on one of my cherry tomato plants, and everything else is growing pretty well, too. Except the rosemary. I have no idea what I've done to it, but it was clearly WRONG. This weekend I even constructed a trellis for the sunflower/beans/cuke out of a couple pieces of old wood and some yarn. This interest furthered ...

My curiosity about all things "green". I've set up a recycling center in my kitchen, tried to compost with worms (emphasis on the 'tried'), and now use vinegar-water solution for cleaning countertops. Now, these are hardly jaw-dropping feats, but every step I take improves things. Speaking of improving things ...

I've also become more financially independent. I paid off my car and will pay off my credit card bill next month. This is exceptional timing as I'm downsizing at work in a few months (which I'm totally okay with!). I also called my "extras" companies (cable/internet, cell phone, Verizon) and got them to lower my bills, saving me $75 a month. It's amazing how much these companies are willing to work with you when you tell them that their service is too expensive and that you're thinking of switching! I've also switched myself over to a food budget of $200/month. Last month was a dismal failure, mostly because I wasn't serious about it. This month, with the inspiration of the girls at Standing in the Cash Only Line, I have an envelope with my month's money (16th-16th), and I will do this!

This entire post came about because of this:
My very first loaf of homemade bread. I used the recipe on the back of the bread flour bag and it was surprisingly easy and very rewarding. Not only did I get to nibble on still-steaming bread (YUM), but I also found that I really enjoy kneading bread! Who knew? Fresh bread is going to completely replace storebought in my house - not only is it cheaper, but I know what's going into it, another big thing!

So, what have you all discovered about yourself?


  1. You've accomplished and discovered so much! I love to hear when people are trying to grow some of their own food. Learning how to cook and sew are wonderful accomplishments. The bread looks delicious and isn't it good hot out of the oven!


  2. Thank you so much for your words of support, Manuela! :) (And wow, sorry for being a neglectful blogger in replying so late!)